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Video is for sure the medium of the future. This is an undeniable and unquestionable statement. The primary reason is that the audience (which in actual matters) is attracted to a video more than audio. To reach out to the world through the miracle of a videos social scope, all you need is video is today's world.

With the realization that music is being watched a lot more than it is being heard nowadays, Songdew as a music platform for independent musicians provides a space for them to upload music in audio as well as video format. Most of the other platforms have only either one of the options available. This distinctive feature on Songdew helps artists to create a one-page portfolio for themselves in the form of their profile. Artists can embed their 

music video

 in a simple and easy process from YouTube on the platform. These 

video songs

 are then actively promoted on the website and to listeners who have the same music preferences in terms of language and genre. The video is shown to these listeners in the form of recommendations. A

video song

 can be embedded in options chosen from a pool of nineteen various languages and twenty two different genres. Every new and latest 

music video song

added on the site can be found in the latest video section under the videos tab. The latest 2018 video songs embedded by independent artists and bands can be discovered here. A few exceptionally great 

hd video song

s are shortlisted by the Songdew team and given the tag of a Songdew Select video. These best videos can be found under the Songdew Select section under the video tab. For music lovers who favour the discovery of music over merely listening to known music, Songdew is the place to be! read more
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