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Songdew Profile

Songdew’s new profile page is a one stop shop where any visitor can find all the relevant and consolidated information about the artist or band. A complete profile on the site serves as a cover page of your musical journey, displaying all the highlights under one roof, thus enabling people to contact you for live gigs, collaborations, music production etc. Follow the steps below to create a complete profile, thereby increasing your musical muscle in the market.


This is the latest and most unique feature provided only by Songdew. This section provides your availability for different services to the interested parties varying from live events to Music licensing; from Tuitions to Collaboration opportunities. To take advantage of this section, you need to verify your mobile number (if not verified already) and enable the options you are open to receive bookings for. These can be disabled at any point of time. The options include:


If you or your band is open to perform at events/venues, then enable ‘Event’ following which a dialogue box will appear. Fill the required details including genre, language and performance preferences in terms of the kind of music you would like to play and save it.


The tuition feature is available for solo artists (not band) and gives aspiring musicians an option to reach out and learn from professionals. Enable ‘Tuition’ following which a dialogue box will appear in which you can fill your interested areas of teaching.

Licensing | Collaboration | Music Production

Enabling these options will make you accessible to people who want to license your music, other artists wanting to collaborate and brands wanting to get music or jingles produced by you. No further details are required for these options.

Songdew Profile
Songdew Profile

Upload Songs and Videos in your profile

Showcasing your music is the key to your discovery. You must upload your songs and videos to invite possible opportunities and fans for your kind of music. To upload your music, click on the ‘Upload’ button on the header or the ‘Add Songs’ button on your profile page and upload.


The first impression of how you present yourself comes with your profile picture and cover picture. To avoid pixilation of your images, ensure that you profile picture and cover picture are of the dimensions 500x500 and 850x320 respectively. These can be uploaded or edited by clicking on the icons on your profile page. (Ensure that you are on the Edit mode of your profile)

Songdew Profile

Other Features

Other features you can use to showcase yourself via this profile page are the overview section, your achievements, gig-kit and social media links. Once complete, don’t forget to build your community by sharing your profile on different social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr. You can share your profile page by clicking the icon at the bottom right corner of your cover photo.

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