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Artist Achievements
It was a matter of surprise when Rahul Ram, himself from the well-known band, The Indian Ocean, awarded Robby as the best drummer of U.P. and Raunak being the best lead guitarist. Stings had been constantly performing and taking part in band wars since the time of its present day formation. The Band now takes the headlining in the war of bands. The following is a description of our team.  Shashank Dixit, our vocalist, is a person with a bunch of talents. He has received numerous awards for his singing capabilities. Awarded as the U.P. Idol., Shashank is a very good badminton player and a person who loves fun during the work.  Raunak Verma, the one who practically plays with his guitar, our lead guitarist is a gym enthusiast. Guitar is his first love. He gave his full dedication for the position he achieved. He literally travelled the distance from unknown to well-known. A big time fun loving guy and the part time bouncer of the band due to his built and personality.  Anuj Shukla, the very serious, less speaking personality at the base guitar. It was him who joined in and the band finally moulded into what it currently is. He too has many achievements got best bassist in many bob. He is a serious but a fun loving guy and enjoys with the team.  Robby Joseph, comes from a family with the musical background, his father being one of the renowned guitarist and synth player of the city. Drums are in Robby’s veins and nerves. He is one of the best double paddle drummers of the entire region. He is the one who makes everyone get on their toes with his beats. It is indeed a matter of pride for Stings the Band to be a winner in more than 28 wars of bands it participated in and out of which 9 were the consecutive victories. It includes band wars all over the North India, some of them being Youth Vibe of the Lovely Professional University, S.N.M.C. Agra, Indian School of Business and Finance, GLA University Mathura, and more. The band has been also called for Headlining by various institutions in there national level War of Bands. We have currently headlined 10 War of Bands. The latest of those are the Sabrang of the JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur and The Axis Colleges, Kanpur. We have also given numerous private performances in various shows and concerts. We are called as the star performers on the New Year’s Eve from past two years in renowned organisations.
The Stings, as the name suggests, is band with metal genre and efficiently strives for the unobvious fusion i.e. classical music with metal injected into it. Our first composition on Lord Shiva is also a fusion of both. One can very well feel the thrill of metal with the tinge of classical vocals. Edit
Live Performance Set Edit
Language Hindi
Prefer to Play Original, Bollywood, Covers & Tribute to rahat fateh ali khan, nusrat fateh ali khan
Genre Alternative
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