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Promotional Tools

Amp up your promotion with Songdew Promotion Tools
  • Preview Campaign
  • Social Media Marketing
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  • Content Marketing
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Preview Campaign
Generate buzz with a preview campaign for your release.

A preview campaign is a smart way to get word of mouth going about your release. With Songdew’s latest feature you can send a preview link to some special folks and give them an early access to your latest release.

Do a Social Media Contest to give a preview to your Super Fans or send your release across to your closed ones for a sneak peak.
QR Code
Selling your music at your next event just got easier!
No hassle of printing multiple codes, no losing bits of paper, no need for running for change. Use Songdew's unique QR-code to make selling your music easier than ever.

Let your audience buy the music they love in 3 simple steps: Scan, Pay and Download
Social Media Promotion
So many dimensions, so many platforms. Creating content for social media in the right format and sizes is not easy. With Songdew, you can do it at a click of a button. Get customizable Social Media Banners for your release and build hype on Social Media.

Be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we got you covered.
Cover Banners for Social Media
Get personalised cover banners for all your social media profiles from Facebook to Twitter.
Review Cards
Get people to review your song and flaunt them as each one turns into a customized shareable review card.
Impact Review Cards
Let the world know how your release is being taken by the music industry with impact review cards.
Milestone Cards
Keep your fans updated with your achievements with the help of milestone cards.
Video Release Cards
Get a special card to celebrate the television debut of your track.
Content Marketing
Promote your music to bloggers
PR is an important yet most underrated part of any release. The success of a track is not judged by just the quality of music anymore but also how far its spread, how many people are talking about it. This tool will ensure your release goes far and wide. From sample mails to press releases to regular tips for PR activities, promotion of your music couldn't get easier than this.
Music Review
Get your music reviewed by the editorial team at Songdew.
Free Download Campaign
Free download Campaign is a great way to get listeners to sample your song.

Now you can organize your own Free Download Campaign in just 1 click.
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