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  • - Days to go
  • 21 Aug 2016 Last Date
  • Free to Apply
  • - Days to go
  • 21 Aug 2016 Last Date
  • Free to Apply
  • This Opportunity is closed
    Collaboration Opportunity
    For 1 artist/ band

    Kumar Vishvas is inviting talented Songdew Artists - singer – songwriters, composers, producers and bands to  create their own rendition of some his  most  memorable  poems and collaborate with him on his upcoming album and live performances. This will be a golden opportunity to create some great music with one of the most popular poet & a performer of all times. You can select any one of the three poems from the below link, create your own song and upload it. It could also be a acoustic version of any of his poems.

    Click here to View/Download the Poems

    Kumar Vishvas has  re defined the era of  Hindi  poetry as a  magnificent  orator,  performer, motivator and  leader. In the words of the Nida Fazli - “Dr Kumar Vishvas defies his young age when it comes to poetic maturity. His presence on a kavi-sammelan stage makes it sparkle. He is a poet with velvet voice, unparalleled style, extreme poetic sense and super satires. His poetry as well as his presentation takes the audiences on a new high. If I am to nominate any successor of Sri Gopal Das 'Niraj' as a lyricist, he could be none other than Dr Kumar Vishvas."

    Songdew provides innovative promotional tools to Artists to share music, get discovered and amplify their music. Since 2013, more than 25000+ Artists have used Songdew to connect with venues, brands, festivals, blogs, influential artists, record labels and fans in order to increase their reach and advance their careers.

    Winners of this opportunity will get the associated badge on their Songdew profiles.
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    Who can apply?
    Level of Artist Anyone
    Artist Type Band | Vocalist | Instrumentalist | Dj | Others
    Genre World, Rock, Pop, Classic, Alternative, Electronic, Folk, Blues
    Language Hindi
    1. Collaborate with Dr Kumar Vishvas as composer for his album/ songs. 2. Opportunity to participate in live performances of Dr Kumar Vishvas 3. Learn about his insights & experiences over Lunch/ Dinner with Dr Kumar Vishvas 4. Opportunity to get exposure on Social media of Dr Kumar Vishvas with a reach of 10 million plus audience.
    Terms and Conditions

    1.The contest is open for all artists and bands. 

    2.The selection of songs will be made based on composition, production and rendition of the poem as a song. 

    3.The final selection of winner will be made by Dr Kumar Vishvas and their team, their decision will be final. 

    4. The contestant won't upload the content on any public platform including, but not limited to, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or any other online platform.

    5. The contestant will have no rights to enter into any agreement with any third party for sale/ renting/ performing of the content or use it in any sort of Film or Audio project.

    6. The production may not necessarily be a studio recording.

    In case of any doubt, you can contact us

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