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  • 2 Days to go
  • 22 Feb 2019 Last Date
  • Free to Apply
  • 2 Days to go
  • 22 Feb 2019 Last Date
  • Free to Apply
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    Campus Idol: ELAN & Nvision 2019, IIT Hyderabad
    For multiple artists/ bands

    Dream of making it big as a Singer? We have just the right opportunity for you - Songdew in association with ELAN & ?vision 2019 , IIT Hyderabad presents Vibrazione, the solo singing contest. Hurry up and win amazing prizes. Fest start & end date: 22nd-24th Feb 2019.

    ELAN & ?vision, the largest techno-cultural fest in Telangana, is a confluence of two worlds created and enjoyed by the thousands of people who step out for these three days. Whether you end up coding your mind away, dancing your heart out, grasping the audience with your captivating performances, meeting people, making friends and memories, or just going crazy, we promise you three days full of colours that you will never forget.
    This isn't just any festival, it's an experience.

    Event Format:
    1. Depending on the prelims performance 10 participants would be selected for the finals.
    2. Participants can sing any song of his/her choice of genre bollywood music/film music.
    3. prelims Round: To participate in the Vibrazione, you must have 5 songs that you know very well and must be ready to perform any of those 5 songs for the competition. If someone else has chosen your song, or something does not work out with your first choice, you will need to be ready to sing your other choice.
    4. Finals: For finals participant can sing any bollywood or film song of his/her own choice.

    1. video profile of the winner of the Contest will be created by Songdew . Songdew would based on this do editing, packaging and run the same on its TV channel, Songdew TV (which has a reach of around 40 Million Households). The estimated cost of this production and promotion is INR 1.5 Lacs
    2. 1st prize winner will be directly considered for the finale of Campus Idol powered by Songdew where the final winner will be awarded a music sponsorship of worth INR 8 Lacs by Songdew
    3. Other prizes worth INR 15,000

    About Campus Idol:
    Campus Idol is a unique initiative by Songdew which helps in making singing competitions in colleges a highlight of the fest and brings a spotlight on its participants. For more details: 

    Who can apply?
    Level of Artist College
    Artist Type Vocalist
    Genre All
    Terms and Conditions

    1. Songs containing vulgar or explicit lyrics will not be allowed. Contestants who, during their performance, use vulgar lyrics or perform in an obscene manner will be disqualified from the competition, NO RAP.
    2. Participants can bring a karaoke track or play an accompanying instrument and are also allowed to have an instrumentalist accompanist(max 2) ONLY for the final round and not for the prelims.
    3. For prelims round time limit is 2 minutes and for finals there is a 3 minute time limit on all songs.The participants should perform for a minimum of 90 seconds(including Mukhda and antara).NO EXCEPTIONS.
    5. Participant exceeding prescribed time limit will invite a penalty.
    6. The decision of the organisers and the judges are final

    Vocal ability, Stage presence, Appearance

    In case of any doubt, you can contact us

    Winners will be declared after the opportunity closes.
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