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  • - Days to go
  • 22 Dec 2017 Last Date
  • Free to Apply
  • - Days to go
  • 22 Dec 2017 Last Date
  • Free to Apply
  • This Opportunity is closed
    Wildfire-Battle of the Bands
    For multiple artists/ bands

    Wildfire is India's oldest and the most prestigious rock band competition which turned international last year will be held on 27 January 2018. With prizes worth lakhs of rupees and your prestige at stake, Wildfire has been the launch pad for many contemporary bands including -Underground Authority, Parikrama, Kryptos, Zygnema, Cassini's Division and many more. 

    Wildfire has served as a platform for launching amateurs into the upper circles of the Indian rock scene. It is the true symbol of vigour, passion and energy. 

    Who can apply?
    Level of Artist College
    Artist Type Band
    Genre World, Rock, Pop, Hiphop, Jazz, Classic, Metal, Sufi, Alternative, Electronic, Folk, Blues, Metal
    Language English
    Team Size -
    1. Cash Prize of INR 1,00,000.
    2. Chance to open for the headlining band at Spring Fest, IIT Kharagpur in front of 30,000+ crowd.
    3. Special showcase by world renowned Balcony TV for the winner band on their website.
    4. Recording deals worth INR 40,000 from Resonance Studios.
    5. The album of the winning band would be promoted and distributed internationally by
    6. Fully Paid scholarships worth INR 2,50,000 from Swarnabhoomi Academy and True School of Music for the finalists.
    7. Huge Gigs (Live performance Slots) would be provided to the finalists by Jam Steady.
    8. Gifts worth INR 1,50,000 including speakers, guitars, amplifiers, drum set etc for the finalists.
    Terms and Conditions

    1.     Wildfire is a western rock band competition, open to any college or semi-professional band from India and abroad.

    2.    Offline prelims will be conducted in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Guwahati and Kathmandu from December onwards.

    3.    After the first round, a shortlist of bands would be released who will qualify to perform at the main event at IIT Kharagpur.

    4.    The main event at IIT Kharagpur would consist of 2 rounds: prefinals and finals.

    5.    In prefinals at IIT Kharagpur, a group will be required to perform at least three numbers of their choice within 20 minutes. (Amps on to amps off and inclusive of sound check)

    6.    In finals, a group will be required to perform at least 4 numbers of their choice within 40 minutes (Amps on to amps off inclusive of sound check).

    7.    Bands will be disqualified on the spot for misconduct, obscenity or foul language, and will be banned from performing at all subsequent editions of spring fest.

    8.     Equipment provided will be:

    A.    One bass amplifier speaker

    B.    One lead amplifier speaker

    C.     Adequate microphones

    D.    Drum set (Participants can bring along their own cymbals and chokes/high hats)

    9.    Bands will have to bring their own musical instruments and special effects. However, programmed music is not allowed.

    10.  Spring Fest will not be held responsible for the failure of any instrument.

    11.   The decision of the judges will be final and binding. The organizing committee reserves the right to make any last minute change in the rules.

    In case of any doubt, you can contact us

    Winners will be declared soon.
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