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  • 10 Days to go
  • 31 Mar 2019 Last Date
  • Free to Apply
  • 10 Days to go
  • 31 Mar 2019 Last Date
  • Free to Apply
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    Become the Sound of A Leading Automobile Brand
    For multiple artists/ bands

    Feature your music across the outlets of a leading global automobile brand.  Among the world's  top 10 automobile companies with an under 50 ranking in the Fortune 500 list, the brand has ruled the world of automobiles for more than 90 years. Become a part of this century old legacy of innovation, passion, excitement, experience,diversity and staying ahead of the curve.

    Apart from this, you also stand a chance to earn more than INR 35,000. 80 songs will be  selected through this contest for the same.

    By uploading the tracks you confirm that you own all rights to the content. To know the terms & conditions click here and download the Licence Agreement.

    What kind of music are we looking for? 

    We are looking for instrumental rock music eager to tell heartfelt stories through the guitar. It should be indicative of the brand values. The music should meet the following specifications : 

    BPM: 100-140 bpm
    Genre:   Rock ,Metal, Pop
    Primary Instruments: Lead Guitar

    It should include confident melodies, huge and perfectly pitched choruses and catchy hooks, offering a fresh and accessible contemporary sound with the  feel of legendary classic rock. Youthful and energetic epic pop beats could also be part of the playlist


    1. Chance to get your music showcased across the dealer outlets of a leading automobile brand.
    2. The licensing fee paid for the same will be as follows: 
              For 1 song INR 3000 per song
              For 5 songs: INR 20,000
              For 8 songs: INR 35,000 

    Get your music featured on this unique compilation. Share your tracks  with us by clicking  on the submit button below.

    Please read the  terms and conditions carefully before  you submit  the tracks. 

    Who can apply?
    Level of Artist College | Professional | Anyone
    Artist Type Band | Instrumentalist
    Genre Alternative, Electronica, Metal, Pop, Rock, Carnatic
    Terms and Conditions

    - The tracks should be purely instrumental with preferably a prominent lead guitar
    - You may upload track in MP3 format for the contest submission, however, for the track selected, we will require the songs in WAV format
    - Each artist/band may upload multiple tracks for consideration. 
    - The contest is open to artists/ bands from India and abroad
    - By uploading tracks for the contest, you are confirming that you own all rights to the content being used in the tracks and that you have all permissions to licence out the track to Songdew for distribution and licensing in India and abroad.

    In case of any doubt, you can contact us

    Winners will be declared after the opportunity closes.
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