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English music has an affluent history enriched by masterpieces created by great musicians since the beginning of time. The immortal and everlasting creations of legends like Beethovan, Freddie Mercury, The Beatles and many others have enriched the pool of English music beyond imagination. The struggles and stories of the musical journey of these artists is inspiring and amazing. All over the world, people enjoy to download English songs and to listen and dance to them.

Songdew has an assorted collection of the latest English songs in a wide range of genres, from acoustic to metal and rock to hip-hop. You can find these songs in twenty two different genres on the site. These

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are uploaded by independent artists and bands from all over the world. These artists have created the best of compositions and music. The indie music scene is upcoming and ever-growing. Users who enjoy to keep their favourite music stored in their phones and laptops can enjoy these

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. While there are many, some of the most liked bands which create English music are mentioned ahead.

  • Easy Wanderlings – This is a musical journal about several memories and stories from around the world, about the times when simple conversations with people touched us and of the feelings when we felt like being simply along with nature.
  • Alobo Naga and the Band (ANB) – This is an Indian rock outfit from Dimapur, Nagaland and was formed in 2010. Their single 'Painted Dreams' was premiered on VH1 in August 2011 and was an instant hit.
  • Amartya Ghosh – He is a singer-songwriter from Delhi whose song-writing is almost completely autobiographical. He offers a unique blend of folk and indie dressed in warm melodies.
  • Zephyrtone – Taking the country by storm, their energentic performances are making crowds dance like never before. They released their single – 'Only You' with Songdew.

Music lovers can

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and subsequently curate and create playlists of their favourites. Not only can these songs be played, liked and shared, users can even

download English songs online

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Hari & Sukhmani
Chandigarh | India
Hailing from Chandigarh, Hari + Sukhmani are a young and ambitious duo who plan to take Punjabi folk music from the yester-years into the future, from New Delhi to New York. Trained Hindustani classical vocalist from the Rampur Gharana, Sukhmani Malik’s character-packed voice doesn’t fail to strike the right note as the audience levitates through their electro-folk musical experience. Hari Singh, singer and producer, has unique electronica skills engineered to grab the listener's’ heart. Folktronica: Not your typical up-tempo artists, the duo has the crowd spinning in an eclectic web of music, discernible in their contemporary take on traditional folk songs from the heart of Punjab. They are inspired by famous Sufi poets like Bulleh Shah, Baba Farid, Kabir and Shah Hussain. With traces of Indian classical blending into ambient electronica, Hari + Sukhmani’s music resonates with their cultured touch. ...more
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