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Marathi is the official language of Maharashtra, India and the co-official language of Goa, India. It's the 19th most spoken language and has the fourth largest number of native speakers in India. Maharashtras folk heritage includes Shahiris, Bharuds, Povadas and the famous Lavani. Lavani is performed to the beats of a percussion instrument named Dholki and is noted for its powerful rhythm and quick tempo. The Shahiris speak of the rich history of Marathas through Marathi videos and songs. A

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 is usually full of lively and energetic dances. People are fond of 

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Artists from across the globe upload their music in both audio and video formats on Songdew, which is the most comprehensive music network for independent musicians in India. Along with a platform to increase the reach of their music, Songdew also provides revenue generating opportunities for artists. These range from live performances and magazine features to creating music for premium brands. Music lovers are able to discover music online through a unique recommendation engine which provides them with music based on their preferences. Additionally, users can create a playlist of their favorite songs. Musicians upload videos in a wide range of languages and genres including english videosassamese videosbhojpuri videos and sixteen other languages. Amongst these, 

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 are very known and popular. Every HD marathi video song uploaded can be discovered in the latest section by filtering out marathi videos through the language drop down. Similarly, trending and sondew select marathi videos can be taken out and watched as well. Enjoy marathi videos on Songdew now. read more
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