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Hindi is one of the official languages of the Government of India along with English. Written in Devanagari script, modern Hindi evolved in the late 1800s. Contradictory to popular belief, it is not the national language of India. Worldwide, it has the fourth highest number of speakers. The Hindi language film industry is called Bollywood and it is a large industry as it creates on an average three hundred and sixty four hindi movies in a year. A 

hindi video song

 is a part of almost every movie made in Bollywood.

While on other websites you can just hear and watch known and popular music, on Songdew you can discover new music online. In India, Bollywood songs primarily dominate the music industry. However, Songdew is a comprehensive music network which helps artists to promote their music online and provides revenue generating opportunities to them as well. Everyone at Songdew believes in idealism, equal opportunity and the power of talent. It is a music discovery platform where you can watch the best of mp4 hindi songs, english video songs, bhojpuri video songs and many more. Based on preferences, recommendation are made to listeners through a unique recommendation engine. Being one of the most popular languages, many 

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 are available on the site. Every 

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embedded on the site from YouTube by independent artists and bands can be filtered out by selecting Hindi as the language in the latest section under the videos tab. Similarly, trending and Songdew Select hindi videos can be filtered out and watched as well. read more
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