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Bhojpuri, mainly the language of the state of Bihar is spoken by almost 40 million people in India, making it one of the most important languages. It is spoken in the Terai region of Nepal as well. It is even recognized as one of the national languages of Nepal as well. Bhojpuri music exists for every occasion including birth, marriage, ceremonies, etc. The first Bhojpuri film was released in 1963, named Ganga Maiyya Tohe Piyari Chadhaibo. Many mainstream Bollywood actors have also worked in Bhojpuri movies. The Bhojpuri Film Industry has given birth to this popular genre of Bhojpuri songs and 

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. A 

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 is characterized by fun and lively rhythms with entertaining tunes and lively lyrics. They usually have tunes so energetic that one cannot stop themselves from getting up and dancing.

Songdew has an extensive collection of Latest Bhojpuri songs by talented artists in many different genres. Independent artists from all accross the world upload their music in various languages and genres on Songdew. Videos from YouTube are embedded on the site by the artists. These videos are showcased on the website and through a unique recommendation engine, the videos are recommended and shown to music lovers based on their music preferences. Along with listening to and watching these videos, you can like, share and comment on them. Every

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 can be found in the latest section. Trending bhojpuri videos can be found on the site as well. Now enjoy the fresh collection of 

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 on Songdew. read more
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