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The story begins…….. Back in the year 1999, a youngster of 16 years, stars in his eyes, was writing some names randomly on his copy; his yearning was to seek something unique for his band. He was Mainak and he called his band Harmony. Graduating in Hindustani classical music he formed a band along with h... More The story begins…….. Back in the year 1999, a youngster of 16 years, stars in his eyes, was writing some names randomly on his copy; his yearning was to seek something unique for his band. He was Mainak and he called his band Harmony. Graduating in Hindustani classical music he formed a band along with his elder brother Kaushik who was a drummer. Mainak opted to play the keyboards while also rendering the vocals for the band. Tutan, a skillful vocalist with a deep resonant voice, was roped in by Kaushik. And finally they added Thengtom, cousin of Mainak and Kaushik on the bass guitar. The musical journey started thus… Jamming sessions were part of their daily routine and the band practiced hard to achieve perfection. Slowly, but surely, they started performing at small venues and clubs. A fair part of the initial years of Harmony passed at the small town of Diphu in the district of Karbi Anglong in Assam. Despite its physical smallness and geographical remoteness, Diphu was rich in music, culture and fashion. Bolstered by the appreciation that it received, Harmony started composing originals in Hindi and Bangla languages. Things seemed to be on a smooth roll for while until some complications and differences set in between the members. The seriousness in music that was sought took a backseat mainly due to some unreasonably aggressive behaviors by Thengtom. It was not exactly a split that occurred but hands changed and for the next one year, new faces like Tyson, Ashok, Tutu, Rupak and many more showed up and left. The rocking boat of Harmony disallowed smooth sailing forcing Mainak to take a pause in his career. Couple of months of serious introspection and Mainak decided to give the band a new name and a new musical dimension. M-SONIC was born. Diphu became history and the new destination was Guwahati – the city of opportunities in North East India. The big city environment seemed strange and unfamiliar for the youngsters from Diphu; each struggled to come to terms with his respective musical abilities, earning capabilities through music as against a regular a regular job as preferred by Tuition, dealing with alcoholism and succumbing to it to the extent of quitting music as with Thengtom. A big communication gap set in among the members and the band faced its worst time. For the next two years Mainak met scores of young musicians, but he couldn’t find anyone interesting enough and most were simply not interested in forming a band. “Yeah, that’s funny,” he would often find himself murmuring to Kaushik. Two years later, a providential occurrence! Mainak ran into a guy who was playing the octapad (small drum machine) at a marriage ceremony with an obscure band. Aware of his singing abilities, one of his friends pulled Mainak onto the stage to sing a song. In between arguments (over the tempo of the song) and renditions for about half an hour, both the talented musicians seemed to have met the complementary matches. Three months later they again ran into each other at a hotel. The friendship between Mainak and Montu, mutually appreciative of each other, clicked. Montu, tired of playing as a season player with solo artists, started jamming with Mainak. The reformation of m-sonic had begun! The era of m-sonic music had started! The potential was set to be fulfilled! The search for the complete band started; the perfect people seemed hard to come by. Mainak’s old friend Raja, a keyboard player, started playing in the band. Raja brought in punky Simanta (affectionately called Sam), who took up the bass guitaring for the band. 10 years flashed by from one perspective and yet trudged wearily from another. Memories of sheer struggle and amazing success, graphs of sheer ups and low downs told the story of Harmony aka M-Sonic. But one thing that the youngsters had unqualified success in was the fact that M-Sonic had managed to endear itself to its paying audience in a manner that was unprecedented! People simply loved the band! And then “Big Time” happened! India’s Got Talent on Colours channel happened! The opportunity of nation-wide exposure presented itself and M-Sonic started gearing up for the same. They started practicing and practicing hard. But the old nemesis of differences of opinion reared its ugly head once again. Audition time and Raja chickened out! M-Sonic was left to perform at a national platform with its keyboardist! As a three piece band, with the line-up of Mainak: lead guitar and vocals, Mantu: drums, and Simanta: bass guitar, M-Sonic succeeded in creating a lasting impression on every Indian music lovers’ mind winning lacs of hearts and gaining scores of fans overnight. They ended up as finalists of the show playing sufi/rock till the final episode. After the show, the scene changed drastically both positively and in some ways, negatively for M-Sonic. For the next six months M-sonic played in almost every big city of the country. Sam introduced a very talented musician, Rakesh who joined the band as keyboardist. M-Sonic was finally complete and ready to create magic through its music! M-Sonic’s musical language.. M-Sonic crossed the challenging borders of music, changed a lot of members and yet managed to retain their musical tonality with great consistence. The band started out with pure rock genre for their originals. Within two or three years the band started playing sufi rock which is a genre that includes power guitar and drums blended with touching vocal melodies. For M-Sonic melody of its music remained of paramount importance. For them success meant creating a tune which directly touched the chords of its listeners. Members of M-Sonic now are: Mainak Nandy- Vocals and Guitars Pradyumna laskar- Bass Guitar Tone Huidrom- Guitar Sambit chatterjee- Drums Edit

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