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Re-create the MG Anthem

MG India in association with Songdew presents MG Sounds Of India. We are calling musicians to recreate the MG Brand Anthem with the sounds of India. Use regional/ folk sounds, traditional Indian instruments and give the 1 minute brand anthem an Indian spin.

Send us your version and become a part of the MG Sounds Of India Campaign. Get your tune promoted across various stores/ regions and social media handles of MG India. We also have exciting cash prizes to add as a bonus.

MG Brand Anthem

The MG Brand Anthem is an extension of the carmaker's value proposition. It draws inspiration from its brand pillars of innovation, diversity, community and its rich British brand legacy of 95 years.

Since its launch, the brand anthem has received a phenomenal response and is loved by MG India's customers and stakeholders. To take it up a notch and give it an 'Indian' spin, MG India is inviting talented musicians across the country to recreate the anthem and adapt their sound identity to incorporate Indian sounds, instruments, and textures.

It's your time to take the centre stage!

Take the 1 min brand anthem and improvise/ recreate it keeping the following things in mind:
a. the basic melody structure should remain intact
b. use Indian instruments, arrangements, regional textures, folk tunes or anything you seem fit to make sure that the recreated version stays true to the theme of Sounds Of India
c. use the MG Sound Logo (3 second tune) prominently in your recreated version as has been done in the rendition given below by Nandini Shankar and Mahesh Raghvan

Check How Nandini & Mahesh Recreated the MG Brand Anthem

Checkout how Nandini, an outstanding violinist and Mahesh, an ace music producer came together to recreate the MG Brand Anthem in their own sound
When you hear their rendition of the Brand anthem, you cannot miss the brilliant sound of the violin arranged and the contemporary arrangement of the music giving an Indian yet modern twist to the original anthem. But also, notice how the sound logo has been skilfully incorporated at multiple places making it stand out.
MG Sound Logo
MG Brand Anthem

How It Works

Become a part of the campaign and celebrate the Sounds of India with MG India in 3 simple steps

Request Invite

Ask for an invite to participate by clicking on the "Request Invite" button. Our team would review your profile and get back to you with further steps.

Compose the MG Anthem

Once you get the invite to participate, compose your Indianised version of the anthem and submit it on this page.

Win Amazing Rewards

All entries would be reviewed by the MG India Brand Team and Songdew's Editorial Team. The best entries would win exciting rewards/ prizes.


The creative, expressive yet distinctively an MG India Anthem will we rewarded and heavily promoted

Cash Rewards

The final entries would win exciting cash prizes


Get promoted across digital assets of MG India


Get associated with MG India's campaign: MG Sound Of India

MG Sound

Terms & Conditions

  • Participation in the contest shall be voluntary and by participating musicians/bands shall be deemed to have accepted all the terms and conditions mentioned herein.
  • The contest is being run by Songdew Media Pvt. Ltd. (Songdew) and all the decisions taken by Songdew shall be final and binding on all concerned.
  • The format of the contest is a property of Songdew and it can modify or change the format at any point of time in its sole discretion.
  • While submitting the entries, contestants also agree to follow the terms of usage of
  • The cost/expense of music production shall not be borne by Songdew.
  • MG will have the rights to use the recreated anthem.
  • Courts in Delhi would have exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute.

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