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Dr Rahat Indori is not one more poet or shayar. He is a legend. Dr Rahat Indori- Ek Alag Pehchaan, is about celebrating the select writing of him. It is for the first time, the best of musicians have come together to compose the select writing of Dr Rahat Indori. Also what makes it unique that for the first time in the history of music, prominent artists have given their tribute by making paintings inspired by the writing and the compositions. Coming together of these two forms of arts make it a truly unique initiative. Lets celebrate the legacy of legend - Dr Rahat Indori.


Aashran Mahajan • Bawari Basanti
Fiddlecraft • Mansimran Singh - Harshit
Harpreet • Osho Jain • Prateek Gandhi
Rupam Bhuyan • The Tapi Project
partners in the initiative