Rahat Indori Sahab Ko Ek Aakhri Salaam

Join us in our humble attempt to pay homage to the bold and courageous poet, a lyricist par excellence, and a man known for following his heart - Dr. Rahat Indori. The torchbearer of Indian Poetry, Dr. Rahat Indori's words had the power to move masses and mountains. He carved his own way to success, neither bending his words nor his craft to please anyone.

It's our time to give back to the legend who gave words to our thoughts, songs to our tunes, voice to our dissent. Songdew brings to you an opportunity to be a part of this movement and pay tribute to the legendary poet and shayar. Here is your chance to compose one of his hand picked poems and take his writings to millions of people.

7 poems, 7 artists, 1 album and the 1 and only Dr. Rahat Indori. Songdew has conceptualised an idea to give flight to his words through music. The album is planned to be released on his birth anniversary, 1st January 2021.

Dr. Rahat Indori - A Legend

Regarded as one of the finest and most quoted poets of our generation Dr. Rahat Indori was a Painter turned Professor, Poet, and then Hindi film Lyricist. A thorough gentleman, Dr. Rahat Indori is known for his poetic brilliance and absolute commitment to work.

From "Neend Churayi Meri" of "Mission Kashmir" to "Chori Chori" of "Kareeb" Dr. Rahat Indori wrote lyrics for Bollywood hits. He left Bollywood on the peak of his career because he was not happy when he was being told what to write and how to write. He wanted to give a voice to his thoughts, his feelings, and his emotions.

Undoubtedly, the best poet of our generation, Dr. Rahat Indori has been acclaimed Honour from Houston City Council, USA. His words resonated with the youth and the young at heart alike. He probably is the only shayar who took social media by storm through his words. Bulati Hai Magar Jaane Ka Nahi and Kisi Ke Baap Ka Hindustan Thodi Hai are hardly unknown to anyone.

How It Works

The entire tribute to the legend is driven by indie musicians, supported by Songdew and works in 3 simple steps

Express Interest

Make sure you have a Songdew profile which is complete, then just apply by clicking "Confirm your interest" to be considered.

Compose on Dr. Rahat Indori's Lyrics

If shortlisted, our team will share complete guidelines for you to compose and produce the track for the legendary.

Become a part of Tribute Album

A compilation album will be made available to the public on his birthday next year, which is 1st Jan.

How will we amplify this

This is our attempt to take Dr. Indori's poems to the masses. We intend to use all possible channels - web, radio, tv, publications and more to succeed in our endeavour to give a flight to his words.


All the tracks in the album would be covered extensively on National Radio Platforms

Songdew TV

A special series/ TV show would be created featuring all the 7 artists to be promoted on Songdew TV as a part of the tribute

Digital Distribution

The album is going to be distributed across 150+ digital stores across the world including Spotify, Gaana, Jio Saavn, etc.

Special Merchandise

Curate a collector's item: A handbook with the details of each poem, artist and the composition to be given to industry leaders

Social Media

Amplification on Songdew's and it's partners' Social media handles with a special coverage to all the artists


All the tracks in the album would be covered extensively on major national publications

rahat indori

Terms & Conditions

  • The tribute is being run by Songdew Media Pvt. Ltd. (Songdew) and all the decisions taken by Songdew shall be final and binding on all concerned.
  • Participation in the tribute shall be voluntary and by participating in the tribute, musicians/bands shall be deemed to have accepted all the terms and conditions mentioned herein.
  • The format of the tribute is a property of Songdew and it can modify or change the format at any point of time in its sole discretion.
  • Artist and Songdew will co-own the rights and royalties to the song.
  • The cost/expense of music production shall not be borne by Songdew.
  • The shortlisted musicians would be informed about the next steps after the end of registrations.
  • While submitting the entries, contestants also agree to follow the terms of usage of Songdew.com
  • Courts in Delhi would have exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute.

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