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Artist Achievements
ACHIEVEMENTS 1. LAMON RECORD LABEL SINGLE RELEASE June, 2016 - Signed by Lamon Records, Nashville for a single song release – ‘Rochelle’ composed entirely by Corner Café Web link – chronicles-from-mumbai- india/ - Song reached the ‘Top 40 Alt AC – All Music Chart’ and is currently holding the 38th position in the same. Web link – 2. AKADEMIA MUSIC AWARDS September, 2016 ‘CCC has a grungy, garage band sound with smoky Jim Morrison vocals and their track is a thrilling ride through the fevers of love’ - Award for the Best Hard Rock Song - Received high acclaim and recognition including a description of vocals and music representing Jim Morrison and a garage rock feel - Resulted in Radio features in Sydney, Los Angeles, Houston and the UK. Web link – rock1.html 3. EXPRESS FM Feature Jan 2015 - Indie band Corner Café Chronicles featured in the ‘New in the House’ segment of Express FM, UK MAGAZINE FEATURES 1. BOLDER BEAT MAGAZINE Jan 2016 - Featured on the magazine that highlights upcoming bands all over the globe - Received a positive review and an interview that further pushed the band further Web link - 2. ‘The track is energetic and drum-heavy, mixed with Patkar’s smoky, sliding vocals. If we had to make a well-known comparison, we’d probably toss out Red Hot Chili Peppers as a reference,but CCC definitely have their own thing happening too.’ 3. RUDE BOY MAGAZINE Feb 2016 ‘Corner Café Chronicles, True Musical Clarity’ - RBL - Featured and reviewed by the Rude Boy Magazine - Appreciation given to their Musical clarity and acumen Web link - 4. FLICK OF THE FINGER March 2016 ‘Corner Café Chronicles – Psychedelic Coolness’ – Flick of the Finger - Featured via an interview and review over Sunday Rides with Rosie - Received praise for the song and appreciation for the same. Web link - cafe-chronicles/ 5. ROLLING STONES INDIA (MARCH ISSUE BANDCUBATOR FEATURE) Successfully got selected in the Top 20 bands in India for Bandcubator at High Spirits, Pune.
6.US RADIO TOP $)S consecutively from November 2016-January 2017 at AMC ALT TOP 40s for Rochelle
nitial reviews to our latest pre-release For GLORIA'S KITCHEN (single) MP3HUGGER BLOG REVIEW Lo-fi and intimate this has all the hallmarks of a demo which boasts plenty of potential. What most impresses is the variety that the band have seen fit to include so it is not standing still. WE ALL WANT SOMEONE TO SHOUT FOR REVIEW Smooth guitar line to open things open. Wide atmosphere and tonesGood Evening,
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Corner Café Chronicles is a multi-genre band from Mumbai,India.Set to release their upcoming single Gloria's Kitchen and EP 'Renaissance' the band amalgamates sounds from dream-pop,RnB,rock and alternative genres to create a vibe of cohesive machinery. Edit
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Language English
Prefer to Play Original, Covers
Genre Alternative, Blues_n_RnB, Electronica, Rock

Chinmay Patkar Vocals, Lead Guitar, Keyboard
Rishi Nandy Lead Guitar
Soumitra Vichare Vocals, Bass
Sumedh Gupte Drums
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