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Songdew TV
Songdew TV is songdew's latest initiative. It is the only 24 hour satellite television channel dedicated to independent music. The channel is for the young and young at heart music lovers who can enjoy numerous private albums that are not available in the mainstream media.

Songdew TV acts primarily as a music discovery platform and gives voices to the stars of tomorrow.

Songdew TV is currently reaching over 40 Million households through:

  • Videocon D2H - Channel No 278
  • InCable - Channel No 120
  • Yupp TV
Benefits To Artists
It is a first-of-its-kind platform for artists to collaborate, create, publish, promote and distribute their music. The innovative packaging of the channel helps listeners engage actively with the music and the artists.

The channel enables to engage with their fans by giving them information about their band, band members, achievements, etc.

Other than the host of promotional benefits, the channel also has a 'SMS For Gig' Feature wherein any viewer can directly contact the band for a gig.
A 5 minute filler Program which talks about the Band, its members and their journey Get an insight into the band, its members & their journey with Meet the Music
The origin story of a track. From the lyrics to the tune, track tales talks about the birth of a track and the vision of the artist for it. From the lyrics to the tune, track tales talks about the origin of a track.
Unplugged Accoustic Renditions of tracks from Shibani Sur to Anand Bhaskar
New release every week under the banner of Songdew Fresh
Artists Featured
How it works?
Step1: Upload your video and confirm interest to be telecasted or fill in the following Google Form.
Step2: Our Programming Team will perform a QC and notify you if the video meets all the criteria to be aired.
Step3: We will ask for certain details and then sign an agreement. click here to view the agreement.
Step4: Tada! The video can now be aired on TV. Our team will work on the schedule and inform you once it has been scheduled to be broadcasted.
Preview Agreementkeyboard_arrow_down
Licensing Agreement for Music Programme
This agreement is signed between Songdew Media Pvt Ltd having its administrative office at First Floor, 45, Phase IV, Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon- 122015 ( hereafter referred to as “Licensee” ) and ___________________________________________________ a resident of __________________________________________ (hereafter referred to as “Licensor”)
In consideration of Licensee promoting and broadcasting the Music Programme and/ or the sound recording contained in the Music Programme as mentioned in clause 1 below , hereto (“Music Programme”) ( “Consideration”) , the Licensor hereby grants to Licensee the Rights (as defined later) to the Music Programme including rights to broadcast and promote on all feeds of television channels or the website or mobile platforms owned and managed by Licensee or its affiliates across the world and for unlimited number of broadcast and the Licensor hereby expressly acknowledge the sufficiency of the Consideration towards this license to Licensee of the Rights for exploitation of the Music Programme.
1. Music Programme: Following Music Programme(s) are covered by this agreement
Title of the Videos
2. Rights Granted: Specifically, the rights granted above include
  • The rights for transmitting, broadcasting, streaming the Music Programme Live or delayed or On Demand through any technology including but not limiting to mobile, broadband, internet, cable, DTH. IPTV or satellite (satellite television broadcasting rights).
  • The rights of Licensee to distribute Music Programme as as Free service or as part of Pay Service on any of the distribution platforms mentioned above on its discretion
  • The right to edit out or delete any part of the Music Programme which in its discretion does not confirm to programming code and or any other law of the country where the transmission is taking place. Licensee is also authorised to insert promotional material in between or around the Music Programme including paid advertising, if any

The above rights are provided on non exclusive basis to Licensee and are for perpetual period for any number of runs/ telecasts and or plays as the case may be.
3. Licensee would not charge any fee from Licensor towards recording, editing and or transmitting the Programme(s) on its platform or through any other distribution platform of its associates.
4. Licensor represents and warrants that
  • It holds the exclusive unencumbered and effective rights for the Programme (s) including the underlying rights and sound recordings contained in the Programme (s) and its execution of this agreement is not prevented under any law, contract or otherwise to license the Rights contemplated herein to Licensee and that the Licensee is not required to make any additional payments to any third party for the License granted, other than the Consideration contained herein.
  • There are no claims, actions pending, proceedings or threatened proceedings, affecting or concerning the Music Programme or the sound recordings contained in the Music Programme and it is not, and by executing this Agreement, it will not be in breach of any agreements or any third party rights.
  • Promotion and broadcast of the Music Programme on Licensee’s distribution channel(s) is adequate consideration and includes all applicable fee, costs etc.
  • d.  It is duly certified by CBFC for unrestricted public exhibition and would provide the copy /copies of such certificate(s) to Licensee.
5. On execution of this Agreement, the Licensor shall provide Licensee with the aforesaid Music Programme in the format as specified by the Licensee.
6. Underlying rights shall always be owned by the Licensor. Licensor undertakes to indemnify and keep indemnified Licensee, its directors, employees, agents, affiliates at all times against all damages, loss, claims, demands, expenses (including legal and professional expenses) costs and liabilities that Licensee may, at any time incur, as a result of in the event of a breach of any representations/ obligations under this Agreement. In the event of any claim, the Licensor will promptly adjust, settle or defend or otherwise dispose of such claim at its sole cost.
7. Both Parties represent and warrant that there are no current, pending or threatened claims by any third party or any actions or proceedings before any court, arbitrator, administrative tribunal or governmental authority which might materially and adversely affect the business or operations of the Party, or its ability to perform its obligations under the Agreement. Licensor also indemnifies Licensee against any kind of claim by any party which may come on way of Licensees right to transmit the Music Programme in accordance with this agreement.
8. This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of India. The courts in New Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction to entertain all disputes arising out of and/or in connection with this Agreement. Any claims, differences or disputes under or in relation to this Agreement shall be resolved amicably failing which the same shall be referred to a sole arbitrator appointed by both the parties Any claims, differences or disputes under or in relation to this Agreement will be referred to Arbitration in accordance with Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 and the venue of arbitration will be New Delhi and the language of arbitration proceedings shall be English.
How do I send my music video for telecasting?keyboard_arrow_down
You can send your video by filling out the form here. Just embed the youtube link to your video and fill out the other details. If your video gets selected, will respond to you via mail, within the next two weeks asking you to fulfill the other requirements.
What other requirements need to be fulfilled once I get the selection email?keyboard_arrow_down
What if I do not have a CBFC certificate? Can I still send my video?keyboard_arrow_down
Can I email a soft/scanned copy of the license agreement instead of sending a physical copy?keyboard_arrow_down
Can I send the video through wetransfer/google drive/dropbox?keyboard_arrow_down
If I send you a link to my youtube video can you download it from there?keyboard_arrow_down
What if my video is released through a label?keyboard_arrow_down
Will my video be uploaded on Songdew’sYoutube channel?keyboard_arrow_down
Can I send my video to the TV channel and skip the digital promotions?keyboard_arrow_down
How many videos can I send?keyboard_arrow_down
Do I have to sign a separate agreement for each video?keyboard_arrow_down
Will I get royalties on my videos when they play on the channel?keyboard_arrow_down
How will I get to know about the timings my video will be broadcasted?keyboard_arrow_down
Can I send my music documentary/video series as well?keyboard_arrow_down
Can I also send you a live recording of our gigs?keyboard_arrow_down
If I have videos of cover versions, can I send them?keyboard_arrow_down
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