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Songdew is the most comprehensive music platform which functions as a bridge between artists and music lovers. We believe in idealism, equal opportunity and the power of talent. Consisting of many features for artists and listeners as well, it is the only platform which is designed to help artists promote music online, on television and provides them with revenue generating opportunities as well. Artists and listeners from all over the world are registered on the website.

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: Songdew has a wide range of music. Music,


and artists of various genres and languages can be found here. You can

listen songs online

and then curate and create customized playlists of your favourite artists and bands. You can filter music according to your preferences and receive recommendations accordingly as well. Not only can these


be heard and shared online, you can even download songs. Additionally, albums and singles released by us which goes by the name of Songdew Fresh can be bought online. Music lovers can stream and share the best of indie music here.

Songdew for artists – Discover, Amplify and Perform: If you’re an artist or part of a band, you can upload, share and promote your music online and apply in revenue generating opportunities. Songdew helps artists to get discovered, get promoted and earn revenues. Once your music is uploaded, it reaches the right audience through a unique recommendation engine. This helps your fans and listeners to hear and download songs online. Artists can even apply and get a chance to have their music released by us and featured on Songdew TV – the only TV channel dedicated to independent music. Selected artists are featured in the playlists and on radio. All in all, Songdew is a one-stop destination for any artist or band. read more
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