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The term “Pop” in Pop Music is actually an abbreviation of the word "popular", and this is a genre that has been vastly influenced by rock, hip-hop, urban, dance and country music. The genre is extremely diverse, and it reflects varying impacts during different periods and it can include any style. The basic elements of Pop music include short-to-medium length songs, mostly written in the plain verse format, with melodious tunes and appealing catch phrases, sung in chorus form and accompanied by electric guitars, bass guitars and drums. The sole aim of pop music is to bring momentary pleasure in the listener rather than achieving great artistic heights. Indian pop music or Indipop has made its way all around the world and what makes it stand out from the other genres is the unique amalgamation of Indian classical and folk music with modern beats and tunes that makes it an immensely popular style. Indian pop music has been enriched by some of the legendary artists like Usha Uthup, Asha Bhosle, Sharon Prabhakar, Peenaz Masani along with Remo Fernandes, Baba Sehgal, Alisha Chinai, Shaan, Palash Sen, KK and many other famous artists. Songdew welcomes song lovers from all over the world to enjoy its immense collection of fresh Indian Pop songs that they can listen and download for free right from the portal. Listeners can even follow their favorite Pop singer or band and know all their details, upcoming tracks and performances with Songdew. Now, relish the foot tapping tracks of your preferred artist with Songdew’s Pop collection.